Does the idea of getting fit intimidate you? Think you’re too busy, too old or too out of shape to turn your health around? Science says otherwise and we can get you there!

What We Do

Strength & Conditioning

It’s a medical fact, we lose endurance capacity and muscle as we age. AFF strength and conditioning programs are designed to measurably counteract the effects of aging.

Healthy Meal Plan


As you age, your dietary needs change and eating habits don’t always follow. Let us establish a healthy plan just for you.

Happy Woman at Gym

Brain Health

At AFF we never overlook the mind/body connection. Improved cognitive function, reduced anxiety and depression, better sleep are all proven benefits of a sustained exercise program.

Post Workout Recovery


Often overlooked but an essential part of all AFF exercise programs. Overtraining can be just as detrimental as being sedentary. We won’t let that happen.

Instructing a Client


Being barked at by trainers in blind hopes of seeing results is no way to get fit. We take the time to inform and teach our clients.


You aren’t forgotten when you walk out of our gym. Our trainers take your goals personally and are always available to offer support.

Why Start Now?

Defy Aging

Getting older may feel like a disadvantage, but exercising smarter (not harder) can prove age is just a number through better sleep, improved metabolism, heightened immunity, increased brain power, healthy joints.

Reshape Yourself

Whether you’re looking to bulk up or slim down, there is no time like today to take control of your physique. Stop asking when this happened and start a personalized fitness regimen to help reclaim and sustain the body you once had.

Use it or Lose it

Once you enter your 40s, muscles begin to deteriorate unless you eat responsibly and work out regularly. Balance and flexibility also decline as you age, but can be recovered through focused exercise.

Stay Healthy

Studies show you can make major gains in your strength and cardiovascular health well into your 80s. Working out regularly protects against frailty, prevents chronic illness, and does wonders for your mental wellbeing.

Fitness in Progress